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"She has a voice made for praising God. At times soft and smoky, and at others powerful enough to create a storm."

              - TUNEDLOUD

"In a world of pop music, it's so refreshing to find an artist with lyrics so deep, so pure, and so straight from the heart of GOD.

                  -JAMSPHERE MAGAZINE

Mary Opara is a singer and songwriter born in Islington, England. She is the second child of Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey Udekwu. Mary was raised in a Christian family with loving parents and four other siblings. She has always identified as a British-Nigerian-American artist. This is because she was born and raised in London, completed her early education in England and Nigeria, she also attained a college degree in Nigeria Bachelor of Arts in Education. She has been living in the US since 1991. Here in the US she obtained a BSN, Master’s, and Doctorate degree in nursing. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Mary believes the combination of her growing up in England and Nigeria, as well as living in the US for several years helped prepare her well for who she is today. She loves the blend of the three cultures in her life, and what she has learned from each culture. For few years, Mary stepped away from her musical career so she can build a family and raise her children. Today she is married to her wonderful husband, and has four amazing children.


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